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Premyo sa Resibo

Premyo sa Resibo (PSR) is the longest running nationwide SMS text-based raffle program in the Philippines, in which participants (who must be 21 years old or more) send in official receipt data via SMS in exchange for a raffle entry. The BIR oversees the PSR program and decides the rules and conduct of the game. PhilWeb on the other hand, designed and maintains the program software and database of PSR and hosts the back-end servers for it.

PSR is the centerpiece of PhilWeb’s mobile gaming platform; it demonstrates how partnerships can be leveraged to achieve results.

Premyo Sa Resibo is the exciting mobile service where an Official Receipt from any purchase you make gives you a chance to win exciting prizes! Thousands of cellphone prepaid loads, 5 winners of P10,000 in the weekly draw and 1 winner in the P1,000,000 draw.

Joining is easy! Text PSR(space) TIN No. of O.R.(asterisk) O.R. No.(asterisk) O.R. Amount to 9777 for single entry or to 9778 for multiple entries!

Example: PSR 000356978768*12345*250
Each entry costs Php 2.50.