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Corporate Values


• Honesty – Telling the truth and also not withholding information.
• Trustworthiness – Delivering on commitments and taking care of Company resources.
• Professionalism – Acting and making decisions with a sense of propriety at all times.
• Transparency – Not having any hidden agenda.


• Improving on what is already there
• Finding new uses for an existing item/product
• Thinking “out of the box”
• Challenging the status quo in a healthy and progressive manner
• Creating new products


• Dedication – Showing enthusiasm and a high-level of commitment to quality and business needs.
• Hard work – Working and persevering rigorously to deliver on our promises to stakeholders.
• Initiative – Being driven to deliver solutions beyond the expected work/requirement.
• Flexibility – Building solutions that are useful and significant to our various stakeholders’ goals.
• Skillfulness – Being the best at what we do.


• Communicating and coordinating within and across work groups, and with supervisors. 
• Striking a balance between contributions and effort according to function/assignment.
• Providing mutual support to and respecting each individual of the team and its leaders as well as members of other teams and their leaders.
• Having collective ownership of projects.

Custom Focus

Our customers are our greatest asset. We are committed to provide products/services that exceed our customers’ expectations.


• Dealing with our various stakeholders without bias.
• Making decisions without prejudice and only taking into consideration the performance and merits of the stakeholder.

Social Responsibility

Implement and promote the cooperative spirit of “Bayanihan” through all our interactions with various stakeholders and the communities where we do business.